Minutes of February 22, 1998 Meeting

Submitted by Paul Zeien

The meeting was called to order at 1:42 PM at Koeshall's Racing Collectibles

Attendance: 25 Adults and 5 children

Treasurer's Report: Mike Connor reported in the club checking account.

Membership Report: Greg Peterson and his fiancee Lisa were new members in attendance. Greg owns a '63 F-100 and '66 F-500. No other new members were reported.



Adult Christmas Party

The adult Christmas party took place on February 7, 1998 at the Prime Quarter in Madison, Wisconsin. 26 people attended the event and many nice gifts were exchanged. Bill Watkins reported that it took almost a half hour to distribute the last two gifts via "the exchange principle" used. Everyone had a great time.


Winter Banquet - The Winter banquet will take place on March 21, at Potts Inn, located in Cross Plains. The club will rent a room and have free soda. Attendees will be able to buy food and beer from the establishment. Club members can bring "munchies" and simple "finger foods" desserts. Potts Inn is located at 2450 Church St. just past the Paul Hilger's house.

Directions - enter Cross Plains via Hwy. #14. If approaching from the east, turn right onto Church St. and proceed to Potts Inn. Of course, an approach from a westerly direction would require a left turn.

It was suggested that we would start gathering at noon, with the meeting starting at 2:00PM.

Remember, it's at the Winter Banquet that the new officers are elected as well as voting for amendments to the Club's By-Laws.

Please call Mike Connor at (608) 274-6257 if you're going to attend the Winter Banquet. The folks at Pott's Inn are interested in staffing properly to provide us their best service.


By-Laws Change 2nd Vote: The proposed amendment: To expand the Club's recognized years of trucks to '48-'78 vintage. This amendment failed to pass the second vote and will not be on the ballot at the Winter Banquet.

By-Laws Change 1st Vote: Another amendment, which will be reviewed prior to voting at the Winter Banquet is the expansion of the Club recognized years of trucks to be '46 to '72 .


Polo shirts:

Dave Farmer has adjusted the prices for the polo shirt to $23.00 across the board, regardless of shirt size or quantity logos on the shirt. Custom work is also accepted for an additional fee.


Badgerland F-100's Officers: Pres. - Mike Connor (608-274-6257), V.P./Newsletter: Bob Kulinski (414-542-6823), Sec. Paul Zeien (414-279-5466), Treas./Membership: Paul Hilgers (608-798-4331)


Club Dues:

1998 Club member dues are due. Pay by March 31st and pay $15 for the year. A penalty of $2 per month applies to dues paid after March 31st.


Nominations for 1998 Office:

President: Mike Sonn Bill Watkins

Vice President: Mark Favor Bob Kulinski

Treasurer/Membership: Paul Hilgers Bill Watkins

Secretary: Dave Farmer Mike Sonn

Newsletter Editor: Bob Kulinski

A motion to close nominations was made by Chris Connor and second by Bob Kulinski. Voting for the officers will take place during the Winter Banquet March 21st.

See ballot enclosed in this newsletter. You can vote by mail if you can't make the meeting.



DASH TO DELLS 9 - Update

This year, the Club is starting the sign-up for volunteers early. Unlike past years, the Club will give everybody a chance to participate in the workings of the Club activities during our show. Lisa Watkins and Dave Farmer have volunteered to call Club members to volunteer their services during the Club's special weekend at the Dells.

To give everyone a better picture as to what's involved with the "behind the scenes" of show, I've listed the activities and available positions that need your support.


Registration Chair Person - Mark Favor plus 4 or 5 people

Set-up registration table and man throughout Friday, and Saturday until awards presentation. Registration opens at 9:00AM both days. Three hour shifts may be appropriate. This is a center of attention position with everyone stopping to sign-in for the show. New members would also receive information from the Registration table. The Registration room has been one of the more popular areas of the show as most people will congregate for hours to talk with one another.

Door Prizes - Chair Person - Mike Sonn Co-chair - Theresa Sonn plus 1 or 2 people

Door prizes will be delivered to this group prior to the show. Members of this group will transport the door prizes to the hotel. This group will also arrange the door prize make-up at the hotel. The Chair for this group as well as one of more of it's members will need to arrive Thursday evening to assure the door prizes are ready for distribution by 9:00 AM Friday.

Door Prize Table - Chair Person for Door Prizes as listed above

Door prizes are awarded to those who register right after they do so. Location is the same room as Registration. Quite possibly the same people who are involved with delivering and preparing the door prizes would man the door prize table.

Kids Games - Chair person plus 1 or 2 helpers

Prizes would be determined and purchased, as well as deciding what games should be played by the kids. The games have taken about one hour to complete.

Model Contest - Chair person plus 1 or 2 people

This group would establish categories to judge, purchase prizes and judge entries prior to awards ceremony on Saturday.

Dash to the Dells 9 - contíd.

Van Drivers - Chair plus 3 drivers.

Van drivers would work two hour shifts, leaving the show grounds (approximately) every half hour. The route is easy to learn with only one stopping point, at the turn around. Drivers need to supply drivers license information to Chairperson prior to show, as it's needed when the Chair signs the rental agreement.

Selling of Club wares - Chair Person Randy Martin plus 3 or 4 people

The selling of Club wares takes place in the Registration room and the hours of selling is the same as Registration.

Valve Cover Racing - Operator plus 1 or 2 people

Existing track will be transported to the show by Paul Zeien. Set-up and take down is easy, just takes a few hands. Judging is fun and it's "all down hill" once the racing starts.

Activity Flyer for Weekend 1 person

Event Coordinator - Bill Watkins

Tentative ferry cruise for Friday afternoon

Go-carts for Friday night

Cruise on Saturday afternoon

Clean-up Crew - Chair plus 3- 5 people

Clean up the parking lots at the show location and where the tent is located. Also, help clean up inside the tent. The clean-up could take as little as 15 minutes or as long as an hour. The length of time will depend on we serve the food this year.

Parking Coordinator - Chair plus 1 or 2 people.

Directs the parking of the show trucks on the parking lot. Directs non-show vehicles to proper parking area.

Police/Marshall Show Parking - Chair plus 1 or 2 people

This position could have the same chair and personnel as the Clean-up crew.

This group would walk the show while advising visitors to "look, but don't touch" the show trucks. These folks could also keep the show grounds clean throughout the day, thereby making the clean-up a lot quicker at the end of the show.

Trophy Chairperson - Greg Schnieder

Persons interested in making trophies should let Greg know the what the intent of the trophy being made is. Greg will advise trophy makers of which trophies are being made and possibly which could be made to cover as many categories as possible.

Hotel Coordinator - One person

This person would work closely with the Club membership and hotel management to resolve issues as they arise and disseminate information, on behalf of the club and hotel management.


Upcoming Meetings: Mark your calendars

The March Banquet will take place on March 21st. See directions located elsewhere in the newsletter.

April's meeting will be held on April 18th at 1:00PM at Todd Showers' home in Deerfield, WI. See next months meeting minutes for map to Todd's house.



Upcoming Meetings - contíd.

May's meeting will be held on May 9th at the Boondocker's Back to the Prom car show

in Oconomowoc, WI. See future newsletter for start time of the meeting and map to the show.

June's meeting will be held on June 14th at Floyd Johnson's home in Chaseburg, WI. See future newsletter for start time of the meeting and map to Floyd's house.


Meeting adjourned at 2:30 P.M.






* '63 F-100 Unibody, light blue, 292 V8, 3 Spd. on floor. 106k miles on Colorado truck which has a little rust (inside cab & tailgate hinge area). Body has a few dents, but otherwise solid. Engine runs, but burns oil. - $1575 OBO

Call 414-363-5588 12/97

* '56 F-100, NO engine/Transmission, RF fender, grille and hood damaged, frame OK, slotted mags, good box sides and tail-gate, needs wood.

$800 Jack Ester 847-395-7770 1/98

* '56 Panel - multi show winner - Frost beige w/purple flames, drive anywhere. Front clip is a '76 Torino, rear end is Ford 9" with 3.73 gears, 4 bar with coil-overs, Summit crate 5.0L HO EFI and AOD tranny. 20 MPG on highway. Nothing spared with over $30k invested. Will sell to the right home for $21,000. Call for details. 1-800-405-6888 Joe Joseph of Grapevine, TX 1/98

* '88 F-150 Custom 2 wheel drive, standard cab w/ 8' box and Rhino liner. 351 V-8, Auto trans., AM-FM cassette. House of Color blue paint with pin striping.

128 k miles $ 3000 Camp Lake, WI 414-889-8028

* '56 F-600 Custom cab big window truck w/ hydraulic tilt bed. Use it to build a car hauler or put the cab on your F100 frame.

$ 1900 Losing storage space Greg Masters

* '56 F-100 Panel truck, all original with 6 cyl. & 3 spd.

Oklahoma truck. Itís in better shape than my í56.

$ 3700 Greg Masters




* Front Fenders for '80 - '86 full size Bronco & F-150 P/U, still in cardboard - $100 for the pair Paul Zeien 414-279-5466 12/97

* '56 Windshields (2) and '56 chrome grill - call to discuss price.

414-744-0123 12/97

* Front panel for '53 - '56 F-100 bed in perfect condition - $70 or OBO

Bob Kulinski 414-542-6823 12/97

* '55 F-100 cab - new floor, cab corners, rocker panels and cowels. Needs finishing $400. Passenger side door from out West - very nice $125. 460 for 1975 Mercury Gran Marquis still in car $200. 1963 Hipo 289 disassembled, have all original parts $100. Short box (needs floor and tail gate) $100

Chris Helgerson 414-835-2596 2/98

* Lincoln Mark VII 9" Rear end with disk brakes $125 Greg Masters

* Lots of parts for 1961-66 F-100sí, including rust-free doors. Parted out 3

F-100sí. Windshield, dash pad, gauge clusters Greg Masters

NOTICE FROM NEWSLETTER EDITOR: For Sale and In Search Of ads will run 3 months only. Should you want to run the ad longer please contact the newsletter editor at Thank you. Ads may be mailed to Bob Kulinski 1722 Mohawk Lane, Waukesha, WI 53186. Or telephoned (414)542-6823 or faxed to (414) 524-4527.




The Beat Goes On...

Since I last wrote, I've been able to complete the reconstruction of the IFS on my truck. The right side of the IFS went together quite easily, after practicing on the left side. I placed my engine and tranny onto the chassis to stress the rebuilt suspension and was rewarded with a very nice and smoothly operating motion when I pushed down on the chassis. With the engine and tranny installed, the front end dropped an additional few inches. I can't wait to add the front sheet metal to get a look at the truck's "new" attitude.

Speaking of the front sheet metal, I started reworking the front gravel pan to accommodate my four head light set-up. The bottom lamps fit into the indentations made for the parking lights with a little metal removal. The '95 F-150 grille looks tough between the slanted head lights. One of these days, the front sheet metal will be one piece.

Well speaking of being in one piece, I better start cutting the tubing for the motor mount supports before the oil pan collapses under the weight of the engine.

More later.