Badgerland F-100 November Meeting Minutes

The meeting came to order on November 12, 2000 at 1:50 PM at the home of Floyd & Rita Johnson in Chaseburg. There were 11 adults and 2 children in attendance.

Officers present:

Mike Sonn, President

Mark Favor, V. President

Todd Showers, Treas.

Cindy Favor , Secretary

Treasurers' Report:

Balance of at time of meeting. Todd brought the current expense report for Dash 11. It was noted that a few more items will be added before there is closure to the expense report.

New Members:

We have 4 new members from the show.

Bret, Kay & Buzz Davis --Stoughton,WI--'56 F-100

Dan Haney--Wisconsin Rapids,WI--'57 F1

Arnie Hoesly--Wisconsin Rapids,WI--'52 F2

James Groshek--Stevens Point,WI '56 F-100

Old Business

Dash 11

Card was signed & sent to Ed & Joanne Mullennix, & Richard Wright.

We are making a few photo albums from the show. If anyone has any extra pictures from the show please send to Mike Sonn.

Mike reported the meat bill was $128.35. Mike Connor made motion to pay the bill and send $50.00 to Mike Sonn's Mom for all her help with the preparation this year and past years. Seconded by Dale Barrette. Motion carried unopposed.


There are quite a few show shirts left. Any ideas on what we should do with the extra shirts should be forwarded to one of the officers. It was suggested that we should raffle off the shirts at the meetings. If anyone would like to purchase any, contact Mike Sonn.

Club shirts also still available for $10.00.


Web Site

Discussion was held on the issue of getting a web site for the club. Motion was made by Dave Farmer and seconded by Mike Sonn to go ahead and let Sean Connor set up the site. Sean will set up and take care of the maintenance of the site. The site will include club info, pictures, etc. There will be no full names or addresses of club members, only E-mail addresses. Mike Connor will let Sean know to go ahead. They will let the club know when it is up and running and what the address is. If anyone has anything they would like to include in the site, please send it to Mike Connor (e-mail MikeConnor @Juno.com).

Show Duties

Mike Connor & Mike Sonn have put together a list of duties for each chair for the show to aid in the planning of the show.

Dash 12

Due to the fact we could not get a show chairman, we will not be having Dash 12.

Instead of the show it was thought we could do some other club projects. Ideas included camping, more cruises, etc. If you have any ideas on what you would like to see the club do for projects please let one of the officers know.

It was brought up that the club has lost some of it's family values and maybe should try to get back to doing some group activities and not spend all of our meeting times discussing the show. We have had a very poor turn out at the meetings and we're hoping to make the meetings more fun to attend.

Editors Note: Please see letter from President Mike Sonn regarding Dash 12 located elsewhere in this newsletter.

Winter Banquet

Dave Farmer and Julie brought info on Tallard's Station in Middleton.

Mike Connor suggested the Church Hall in Monona with the club furnishing meat and members bringing dish to pass. Alcoholic beverages are also allowed. It might also be possible to have Mike Sonn's Mom cater it. Mike S. will check into this and we will discuss it further at the next meeting.

Christmas Party

Saturday February 3rd please send money to: Please remember to bring a gift

Prime Quarter in Madison Bill Watkins valued at approx. $15 to

16.95 /person or 33.90/ couple 3392 Jeness Avenue exchange.

Drinks @ 5:00 PM McFarland, WI 53558

Dinner @ 6:00 PM

New Business

Mike Connor suggested that Club paraphernalia i.e., club jackets, hats, etc. , be inventoried and published in the newsletter quarterly. Dave Farmer will put together the list.

Upcoming Meetings:

No meeting in December

January 27th , Todd & Shari Showers in Delafield, WI.

June16th, 2001 Scott & Nola Jackson in Benson , IL.

Dave Farmer made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Second by Theresa Sonn. Meeting adjourned at 3:13 PM.



Submitted by Cindy Favor, Secretary






A letter from the President…

As some of you are already aware, DASH 12 IS ON!!! Since the last meeting, much has happened. For unknown reasons, one of our members had not received the last newsletter. He wasn’t aware that Dash 12 was in jeopardy of not happening. When he heard Dash 12 had been cancelled, Jeff Burnett didn’t hesitate to give me a call. The day Jeff called, one of his first comments to me was something to the effect that, "If it meant the show wouldn’t happen, he would

volunteer to chair the show". This was great news and I couldn’t have been happier. Dash to the Dells has become synonymous with the Badgerland F-100 Truck Club. Our show is talked about a lot, all over the country!

I would like to thank Jeff Burnett for coming forward and offering to be the Show Chair for Dash 12!

Well, we have a Show Chair, now it was time to scramble. With the next meeting more that a month away, a number of things had to be taken care of right away. One area of concern was getting a hotel contract signed as soon as possible to assure we’d get the rooms we want. Mike Connor and I drove up to the Dells on December 8th to meet with the Copa Cabana Manager. We needed a contract for September 14th and 15th 2001. A preliminary contract was worked out. Room rates are the same as last year, the big tent will cost more, but we now have 4 whirlpool suites reserved. (I would suggest if you want one of them, you better reserve one before they’re gone.) Just today (12/22), a copy of the contract was faxed to me at work. That will be signed before the next meeting so let’s get those rooms booked!

One item that needed to be taken care of right away was the printing of pre-registration flyers so Bob could start mailing them out before the end of the year. Bob Kulinski already has a prototype worked up and was just waiting to get the room rate and cut-off date info confirmed before printing. Since these needed to be printed before the next meeting, the Badgerland Officers have authorized Bob to spend no more than $300 getting a quantity of them printed. We don’t have artwork yet, so that will be added to future printings of the flyers.

The last thing I’d like to elaborate on, just a little is the need for volunteers for the various other, no less important functions. We now have the following positions filled: Show Chair - Jeff Burnett, Registration Chair/Co-Chair - Bob Kulinski/Bob Ward, Door Prize Chair - Greg Masters, T-Shirt Chair - Randy Martin and Hotel Contacts - Mike Sonn/Mike Connor. I feel I can speak for everyone in saying that we love our F-100s and we want this show to happen. Now, it’s up to the rest of us to do everything we can to make sure these guys get help. The last important function that needs to be filled is Food Chair. We’re looking for something innovative this year with food, so don’t wait for someone else, jump on the Dash 12 bandwagon! None of the remaining positions take a lot of time, but just need someone to help organize it. Help is always only a phone call away. Volunteers are the reason this show is successful. Where can YOU help out?

Attending meetings is a great way to stay current on what’s needed. It can also provide you the opportunity to find out where your skills can be best utilized. If volunteers come forward more quickly, it will allow more meeting time to be spent doing other Club activities throughout the year. Things like picnics, cruises, attending shows, camping trips or building trucks! Together, we can assure this show is a reflection of what you would like it to be.

A volunteer listing will be posted in most, if not all of the newsletters between now and Dash 12. We also need people to volunteer to help out with various functions AT the show. We would like to make sure there are enough volunteers so no one person needs to spend any more than two hours working a function at the Dash. That way, everyone will have a chance to spend the majority of the time during the weekend socializing, bench-racing and looking at trucks. That’s what our show is all about: families, friends and TRUCKS.

Let’s do it right!


Mike Sonn, President









Tech Info

The following information was contributed by Greg Masters.

Ford 9" Facts

Strength - There are four usable styles you can find in a junkyard. They range from light duty to extreme duty

but in all cases the larger 31 spline axle versions are stronger than the 28 spline version of the same unit.

Width: all measurements are from axle flange to axle flange

street rod.




Trucks For Sale

* '53 F100, 302 w/ C6 tranny, brand new interior, '72 Nova clip WFD brakes, new MP master cyl.,

American Wiring System, Vintage Air Heat/Defrost, Stewart Warner gauges, Aiwa stereo CD

player w/Sony speakers, new glass, exhaust system by Midas, Oak bed & running boards.

Painted in Corvette yellow with tan interior. Runs and drives great.

Asking $12,500 John Lunn 608-868-6227 7/00

* ’63 F100 shortbed, 302 eng., auto tranny, 8" rear end, Volare IFS, P.S., disc brakes, Alum.

wheels. Cab floor has been patched and new cab mounts have been installed. Includes an extra pair of doors. $2000 Greg Masters 815-796-2225 9/00


Contact Daryl Fedkenheuer regarding the following 3 vehicles 608-764-8012 9/00

* ’55 F100 292 eng. (rebuilt), 5 spd. Borg-Warner tranny, Volare IFS, coil spring rear suspension,

chrome valve covers and oil bath, metal (lockable) tonneau cover, Mahogany lined bed, 6 way power seat, power windows, plus more… $8500

’69 Ford Ranger ¾ ton, Selling complete less motor and tranny or part-out $500. Truck has re-

upholstered seat, alum. grill, chrome bumpers, topper, chrome trim and glass.

* ’63 F250 Unibody, Custom Cab, long box 292 V8, 4 spd. tranny, all original. Truck is in primer and has

chrome bumper and good glass. Some restoration has been completed but needs some attention in the

floor of the box. Engine needs lower end work to make it run. Two truck loads of parts go with this

vehicle. Only $950 or best offer. Jim Titus Call evenings 608-527-6569 10/ 00

* ’53 F100 in pieces. No engine/tranny, nor front suspension. Good body and bed, 9" rear-end.

Asking $1000. Have Gibbons IFS kit available for $300. Good winter project.

Ron Putzler 630-553-6969 10/ 00

* ‘58 F-700 4x4 marmon-harrington. Body is in good shape
$2950 negotiable Seward Auto Salvage Newville, WI 608-752-5166

Richard Wright has the following for sale: 8/00

‘55 1 ton complete dually flatbed $4,000

‘54 panel with a 360 standard $1500

‘55 panel 4 x 4 with a 429, C6 $3500

‘53 1 ton 5th wheel 360 4 speed $3500

‘59 MGA $2000 or best offer

If you are interested in any of the vehicles, please contact Richard or Judy Wright at 715-849-8992.



Parts for Sale

* Pair of rust free ’61-’66 doors complete $175 Greg Masters 815-796-2225

Greg Masters 815-796-2225 9/00

* The following ’53 F-100 truck parts are offered by Paul Zien @ 262-279-5466 all for $600 6/00

2 cabs, 2 hoods, 1 box, 6 doors, 1 ’55 grille and lower valance, 1 frame bare (no suspension parts) and 1 frame with ’77 Nova front stub and Dana 44 rear end, chopped cab roof.

* The following is offered by Floyd Johnson of Chaseburg, WI 608-483-2594 or email 10/00


1978 Lincoln Town car, 460 eng. with C6. Runs good but frame is in bad shape. $200 or offer

1971 Ford 360 eng. Runs good $100 or offer

9" Ford rear-ends - various widths & ratios complete $75 each or $200 for all

8" Ford rear-end with leaf springs $50

1946 Flat-head V8 and manual tranny $50

Y-block heads $ 20 /pair

Aerostar front suspension $20

Misc. N.O.S. Ford parts on display for Nov. meeting

F.E parts - heads, manifolds, oil pans, fly wheels

Will take offers in groups of parts

* The following is offered by Bob Kulinski 262-542-6823 or email ford54@execpc.com 10/00

Former fold-down camper trailer frame with 12" tires, no sides. Frame size is 6’ x 10’ and is rated for 800# gross trailer weight. Offer ??? trade for truck parts???

’56 F100 rear-end with 4.10 gears Offer ??? trade for truck parts???

Tires, BF Goodrich Radial T/A, P255/60R15. 200 miles on tires. Too wide to use - $100 for pair.





Parts for Sale

* The following is offered by Denny Herchenbach at 847-223-0058 or www.herchenbach.com

I would prefer to keep all these trucks but I lost my storage due to urban sprawl. All items are as priced, or best offer.

‘ 54 cab with title - $150.00  free doors ‘ 55 cab with title - $150.00  free doors

‘ 56 cab over complete cab and chassis, no motor nor tranny, with title.  $300.00

‘ 53/56 fiberglass front end with frame work. $600.00

‘ 55 chopped cab with doors and chassis  (good job, good title) no glass $500.00

390 V8 with C-6 tranny - $350.00   

fresh 460 V8 block .30 over with cam bearings, heads, intake & exhaust manifolds  $300.00





* 12 volt wiper motor and 12 volt heater blower motor for ’54 F-100

Bob Kulinski 262-542-6823 or ford54@execpc.com 11/00


* Pair of running boards for ’53 – ’56 F100 11/00

Dale Bergman 217-483-5261




Contact Bob Kulinski for advertising Classified Ads at (262) 542-6823 or 1722 Mohawk Lane, Waukesha 53186 or E-mail at ford54@execpc.com or fax with cover page addressed to me @ (262) 524-4376 Ads will be listed for only four months in a row, unless extended by request





The January meeting will be held at the home of Todd & Shari Showers in Delafield, WI., on January 27th. The meeting will take start at 2:00PM, with a cook-out to follow. Please bring a dish to pass. Don’t forget to bring a chair and your own beverage.



Editor’s note:


Membership Dues: Annual Club dues for 2001 should be submitted by March 31st. Members wishing to participate in the election of 2001 Club officers need to be current with their dues in order to vote.

Election of Officers: Nomination of officers for 2001 will start at the January meeting and continue at the February meeting with the actual election taking place in March, at the Winter Banquet. Please attend these meetings to be a part of this important process. There won’t be no recounts, neither!