Badgerland F-100 October Meeting Minutes

The meeting came to order on October 15, 2000 at 2:00 PM at the home of Don and Laurie Guthrie in Argyle, WI.

Officers present:

Mike Sonn, President

Mark Favor, V. President

Cindy Favor, Secretary

Bob Kulinski, Newsletter Editor

Treasurers’ Report:

Todd reported (via Mark since Todd was still on his honeymoon!!) a balance of. There are still a few bills yet left to pay from the show. Hopefully they’ll be taken care of by next meeting.

Newsletter Editor Report:

Nothing new to report, everything seems to be going smooth.

Old Business:

Dash 11

We raised $120.00 for Richard Wright at the show. Thanks to everyone who contributed.

Mike Connor was not able to make the meeting but sent the following items that needed to be discussed.

Frames for the Thank-you plaques will cost $3.00/plaque. We need 60 plaques which would run around $180.00. A motion was made by Scott Patterson and seconded by Don Guthrie to go ahead and spend $190.00(to include tax) on frames. Motion carried unopposed.

Mike will pay for postage and bring receipt and bill to next meeting.

A comment on the t-shirts by some of the ladies was they didn’t like the pockets and not right sizes. It was also brought up maybe to try a different color. Please give some thought about the type of shirts what we want for our next show.

Bill Watkins has the show and club shirts if you’re interested in purchasing some.

We had a total of 99 registrations, 91 trucks registered and 93 trucks total.

New Business:

Christmas Party:

On Saturday Feb. 3, 2001, at Prime Quarter in Madison, WI we’ll hold our annual Christmas party. A deposit of $100.00 was paid to Prime Quarter to hold our reservation. The price for dinner is $16.95 per person. Meet at 5:00PM for drinks and eat at 6:00PM. Look for a map in a later issue of your Club newsletter.

Winter Banquet:

We need to find a new place to hold the banquet. Pott’s Inn is closed down. If anyone has any suggestions please let one of the officer’s know.

Dash 12:

Deadline for signing the contract at the hotel is November 15th. We need someone to be Show Chair so we can go ahead with the Show. If no one will step forward there will not be a show next year. We will discuss it more at the next meeting.

Club Listing:

Do we want to sign up to be on a club list for Mustangs & Ford Magazine? Dave Farmer will be the contact person for this. If you have any questions or comments please give Dave a call.

Web Site for Club:

Sean Connor reported via Theresa Sonn that he could get free web site space through Ford-Truck.com. Sean has volunteered to maintain it. Is this something we want to do?

Decision will be tabled until next meeting. In the meantime anyone that wants can check out the web site and see what they think of it.

Next meeting will be held at Floyd and Rita Johnson’s in Chaseburg,WI. Please details listed elsewhere in this newsletter.

Motion made by Theresa Sonn and seconded by Diane Martin to adjourn the meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 3:33 PM

Submitted by, Cindy Favor, Secretary


Upcoming Meetings:

No meeting in December

January location ????

June16th, 2001 Scott & Nola Jackson in Benson , IL.



November Meeting:


The November meeting will take place at the home of Floyd and Rita Johnson in Chaseburg, WI.

Gather at Noon, eat at 12:30PM and meet at about 1:00PM. Please bring a dish to pass and a chair to sit on. Telephone number is 608-483-2594.

A letter from the President…

As some of you already know, planning an event such as Dash to the Dells is a major undertaking. A show of this size requires almost a year of preparation in order to pull it off successfully. For the past 11 years, our show has grown at a slow but steady pace. Each year, we’ve added new names to our list of attendees. Everyone must admit we had some fun over the past 11 years!

But…those 11 shows were successful due largely to the efforts of a limited number of Club members. We’ve had many people offer to help once they’re at the show and we’ve been fortunate to have a few members come forward to chair various functions that hadn’t offered in the past. They’ve all done a great job, but for the most part, it has been the same few members, year in and year out, planning the entire show. I hesitate mentioning any names for fear of missing someone.

What we need this year, is for some new people to step forward and offer to take on the Show Chair and Door Prize Chair positions. It’s time consuming, but not impossible to take on one of these duties and I’m sure guidance from those with experience would be given if requested. There’s also no reason why these two functions couldn’t each be chaired by a number of people, each taking responsibility for a small piece of it. How much easier that would be???

One of the topics of discussion at the last Club meeting was a lack of familiarity with responsibilities of the various chairs, how to organize the show, and when tasks must be completed to assure a successful show. I have spoken with Mike Connor and we will come up with a timeline for all duties and tasks for the next newsletter. There is also a binder available that was put together by Chris Connor for each year of the Dash. That binder contains details of most everything done, including contact names for various facilities, costs, food and supplies purchased, sample flyers and other info. Mike also has lists of door prize vendors, letters, mailing labels and previous show attendee info on computer disks. This greatly simplifies sending pre-registration flyers and door prize/beg letters to vendors. All you need is a PC and a printer. Many of the tasks can be done pretty much no matter where a member may live. Here’s the blunt truth…if this Club wants a Dash 12, we need a Show Chair (or Chairs) and Door Prize Chair confirmed at the November meeting. Our hotel contract has NOT been signed yet.

I had the opportunity this year to attend the F-100 Nationals in Pigeon Forge, TN. That show is on a totally different scale from the Dash not only in size, but atmosphere. Our show offers something different. I’d call it, small town, Midwestern atmosphere. We go out of our way to make our guests feel welcome, learn some of their names, and reacquaint ourselves with them in following years. Don’t get me wrong, the F-100 Nationals in Pigeon Forge is great. We just have the luxury of a smaller size so we can offer more personal touches. That’s what keeps people talking about our show long after it’s over. That’s what brings many of our guests back the following year. That reputation also lures new F-Series lovers looking for the experience they’ve heard about from past attendees. This show is our Club identity and it’s to our benefit to keep that going.

I plan to bring a copy of the position duties and associated timelines to the next meeting for review. We need your help to make the Badgerland F-100s’ show a success. If you’d like to volunteer for one of these positions, please contact one of the officers. The only real prerequisite is the ability to attend most of the meetings to provide updates and get monies approved for organizing the event.


Mike Sonn, President



Trucks For Sale

* '53 F100, 302 w/ C6 tranny, brand new interior, '72 Nova clip WFD brakes, new MP master cyl.,

American Wiring System, Vintage Air Heat/Defrost, Stewart Warner gauges, Aiwa stereo CD

player w/Sony speakers, new glass, exhaust system by Midas, Oak bed & running boards.

Painted in Corvette yellow with tan interior. Runs and drives great.

Asking $12,500 John Lunn 608-868-6227 7/00

* ’63 F100 shortbed, 302 eng., auto tranny, 8" rear end, Volare IFS, P.S., disc brakes, Alum.

wheels. Cab floor has been patched and new cab mounts have been installed. Includes an extra pair of doors. $2000 Greg Masters 815-796-2225 6/00

* ’63 F100 Unibody long bed, 351 eng., auto tranny, Volare IFS, 8.8" rear end, Air conditioning,

tan interior and bed cover. Drive it home.

$10,000 Rick Yarger 309-853-2010 (weekdays) fax 309-852-0713 6/00

Contact Daryl Fedkenheuer regarding the following 3 vehicles 608-764-8012 6/00

* ’55 F100 292 eng. (rebuilt), 5 spd. Borg-Warner tranny, Volare IFS, coil spring rear suspension,

chrome valve covers and oil bath, metal (lockable) tonneau cover, Mahogany lined bed, 6 way power seat, power windows, plus more… $8500

’69 Ford Ranger ¾ ton, Selling complete less motor and tranny or part-out $500. Truck has re-

upholstered seat, alum. grill, chrome bumpers, topper, chrome trim and glass.

* ’63 F250 Unibody, Custom Cab, long box 292 V8, 4 spd. tranny, all original. Truck is in primer and has

chrome bumper and good glass. Some restoration has been completed but needs some attention in the

floor of the box. Engine needs lower end work to make it run. Two truck loads of parts go with this

vehicle. Only $950 or best offer. Jim Titus Call evenings 608-527-6569 10/00

* ’53 F100 in pieces. No engine/tranny, nor front suspension. Good body and bed, 9" rear-end.

Asking $1000. Have Gibbons IFS kit available for $300. Good winter project.

Ron Putzler 630-553-6969 10/00

* ‘58 F-700 4x4 marmon-harrington. Body is in good shape
$2950 negotiable Seward Auto Salvage Newville, WI 608-752-5166

Parts for Sale

* Pair of rust free ’61-’66 doors complete $175 Greg Masters 815-796-2225

* Fairlane fiberglass front fenders for ’53-’56 F100. Never been installed $350/pair

Greg Masters 815-796-2225 6/00

* The following ’53 F-100 truck parts are offered by Paul Zien @ 262-279-5466 all for $600 6/00

2 cabs, 2 hoods, 1 box, 6 doors, 1 ’55 grille and lower valance, 1 frame bare (no suspension parts) and 1 frame with ’77 Nova front stub and Dana 44 rear end, chopped cab roof.

Parts for Sale

* The following is offered by Floyd Johnson of Chaseburg, WI 608-483-2594 or email 10/00


1978 Lincoln Town car, 460 eng. with C6. Runs good but frame is in bad shape. $200 or offer

1971 Ford 360 eng. Runs good $100 or offer

9" Ford rear-ends - various widths & ratios complete $75 each or $200 for all

8" Ford rear-end with leaf springs $50

1946 Flat-head V8 and manual tranny $50

Y-block heads $ 20 /pair

Aerostar front suspension $20

Misc. N.O.S. Ford parts on display for Nov. meeting

F.E parts - heads, manifolds, oil pans, fly wheels

Will take offers in groups of parts

* The following is offered by Bob Kulinski 262-542-6823 or email ford54@execpc.com 10/00

Former fold-down camper trailer frame with 12" tires, no sides. Frame size is 6’ x 10’ and was rated for

800#. Offer ??? trade for truck parts???

’56 F100 rear-end with 4.10 gears Make offer.

Tires, BF Goodrich Radial T/A, P255/60R15. 200 miles on tires. Too wide to use - $100 for two.





* Any info. On conversion company in 1954 that made a 3 door crew cab (it’s a F350 w/bed)

Rick Yarger Week days 309-852-0713 Fax 309-853-2010 6/00

* Steering box and Pitman arm for ’53 F100. Also looking for all pieces of glass for cab.

Bob Everton 815-439-1431 6/00



Contact Bob Kulinski for advertising Classified Ads at (262) 542-6823 or 1722 Mohawk Lane, Waukesha 53186 or E-mail at ford54@execpc.com or fax with cover page addressed to me @ (262) 524-4376 Ads will be listed for only four months in a row, unless extended by request

October 2000 AD (After Dash)

It was a great weekend again. I arrived on Friday afternoon just as the cruise started and was glad to see the amount of trucks hit the road for the afternoon. I understand the cruise went well and was long enough for everyone. It was good to see the attendance remain close to that of our anniversary year (1999) and to see some new folks attend the Show. I was really happy to (finally) get my truck to the show and get that monkey off my back. Right Plowboy?

I hope you had a safe and trouble free drive home from the Dells on Sunday. It was a beautiful day for traveling.

Personally, I had to get the tow dolly I used to transport my truck to the Dash back to the rental store by 1:00PM, so I left pretty early. Well as it turns out, not early enough. I left a little later than I had planned due to all the good conversation I had gotten involved in. And then I had a little problem with the tow vehicle.

When I tried to restart the Dodge Ram after stopping in Cottage Grove for gas, I heard a "pop" and then no power. As I’m not familiar with the vehicle (it’s my sons’), it took me a while to ascertain all fuses were in good condition and the battery had failed. Well, during the time I was blocking two gas pumps I had a number of visitors to offer suggestions and ask questions. One couple after asking some questions about my truck, starting telling me about the restoration the husband was involved with on their ’67 Comet Caliente. Another guy in a ’65 Olds Cutlass pulled through he service station to ask me the year of my truck. A man in a ’56 El Camino, on his way to the show in Beloit, stopped for gas and was full of questions. Then another guy walked up and asked me if I wanted to buy his late ‘50s’ pickup. I learned that Cottage Grove is a friendly place.

It seemed like I was in the gas station for about 30 minutes blocking those two pumps, but nobody complained. I ended up taking the battery out of my ’54 and placing it into the Dodge and made it home 15 minutes before the rental store closed. Well, there wasn’t any way I was going to be able to drive my Effie off the dolly (at my home) before they closed the store, so they "punched me in" and I returned the dolly about an hour later.

It just goes to show you that truckin’ is a good thing! I met a lot of nice folks (at our show and on the road) and got a break on the rental. What more can a guy ask for?

Keep on truckin’